January & February Businesses of the Month

St. Charles Chamber of Commerce

January & February Businesses of the Month

BMO Harris

BMO Harris offers Bank at Work Program for Employees of Businesses

As part of its commitment to meeting the needs of business owners in all Chicagoland communities, BMO Harris Bank has designed a package of products and services tailored specifically for employees of all businesses in the Fox Valley area. The program, called Bank at Work, includes offering cash bonuses for certain new products like checking accounts, savings accounts, health savings accounts and eStatements. The products are designed to provide flexibility and convenience to serve local employees of all businesses in the area while rewarding them with a cash bonus after meeting certain criteria.

Bill Johnson, Market President of BMO Harris Bank’s St. Charles market, indicates that many local businesses are encouraging their employees to take advantage of the program while positioning it as another component to their employee benefit packages within their company.

“The feedback we are receiving around the Bank at Work program continues to be very positive with local employees of companies enjoying the benefits that come with the program. In addition, local businesses are also taking advantage of the various financial seminars available by the bank and conducting the seminars within their place of business to further educate their employees on financial management. Both parts of the program are well received by business owners,” says Johnson.

BMO Harris has four fully operational branches in St. Charles and more than 20 in the greater Fox Valley area. Please contact any local office to find out more about our Bank at Work pro-gram and how it may benefit your employees.

Geneva Fit

 You Can

I’ve heard it said that, “whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are right.” One of the things I love most about owning Geneva Fit is seeing people’s confidence grow. It is quite common, particularly with someone new to exercise, that there is rapid progress made within the first couple weeks - more progress than can be explained by improved strength, mobility or en-durance. One thing that accounts for this phenomenon is the improved confidence that happens when we let ourselves believe we “can.” With every workout, every movement learned, every “success” – we build our mental strength. We become more apt to believe in ourselves, not just on the gym floor, but in every aspect of our lives. Before consistency, before commitment, be-fore any workout, one must decide, “Maybe I can.”

Negativity can destroy us if we don’t approach life with an attitude of “I can.” Making a decision to focus on the positive – a compliment, doing something well, a simple thank-you – will have the opposite effect. I think that the reason people experience such a confidence boost here at Geneva Fit is that every small (and large) accomplishment is recognized. My job is to help you see and achieve accomplishments in the gym, but my hope is that you see those strengths in other aspects of your life. Stop by Geneva Fit anytime – or come to our Open House on February 21 – to talk more with me about positive steps you can use on your path to physical fitness and mental well being.

-Jan Silverman

Owner, Geneva Fit

Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital

Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital: Addressing the Obesity Epidemic

The risk factors for obesity are complex and the impact on health can be devastating. The Northwestern Medicine Metabolic Health and Surgical Weight Loss Center at Delnor Hospital offers services to treat obesity and prevent health complications related to excess weight.

The new center offers medical weight management, nutrition and diet planning, individualized exercise programs, health psychology, diabetes education, and bariatric surgery. The 7,500-square foot clinic, located near the main entrance of the hospital, features a demonstration kitchen, community conference space, six exam rooms, a treatment room, consultation rooms and physician offices.

“Every weight loss journey is unique. Our goal is to provide the individualized care plan and re-sources for long-term success,” said Matthew Pittman, MD, medical director.

The new center is just one example of Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital’s commitment to provide a better health care experience, every single day, closer to where patients live and work.

Delnor Hospital is one of only two general hospitals in Illinois to be recognized by The Leapfrog Group with its 2018 Top Hospital Award. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services award-ed Delnor Hospital a 5-Star Overall Hospital Quality rating, ranking it among the top 9 percent of all hospitals in the nation. In addition, Delnor Hospital joins an elite group of hospitals in earning Magnet® designation for the fourth time. Magnet recognition is the gold standard for nursing and the highest honor given by the American Nurses Credentialing Center.

For more information, visit nm.org/delnor.


PetAirapy is the animal care industry’s leading manufacturer of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) sanitizing technology for air and surface cleaning. PetAirapy systems prevent and eliminate up to 99.9% of airborne and surface pathogens, such as dog flu, canine parvovirus, feline calicivirus, canine distemper, and canine cough, as well as remove allergens, foul odors, and VOCs. PetAirapy’s commercial strength UVGI systems are backed by university and field studies, safe, non-toxic, and can be found in hundreds of animal care facilities and homes across the U.S. and internationally. UVGI has been used in human healthcare settings for close to a century to prevent the spread of airborne infectious disease. PetAirapy brings that science to animal care.

How is it possible to clean the air? Think of cleaning the air somewhat like cooling the air. Very simply put, air conditioners work by cooling air as it passes through them. Hot air goes in, cold air comes out. You can clean the air by sanitizing it as it passes through something that will kill the bacteria, viruses, and mold. That something is UVGI. But, to be effective, it must be the right UVGI. PetAirapy utilizes a proprietary sizing method and the made in the U.S.A. products are crafted from medical grade stainless steel and aluminum.

Founded in 2008 in St. Charles, IL, PetAirapy is proud to celebrate a decade of protecting and improving the health of animals in pet boarding facilities, shelters, dog daycares, pet homes, and anywhere animals are housed together. For more information, visit petairapy.com.

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