January & February Businesses of the Month

St. Charles Chamber of Commerce

January & February Businesses of the Month

Tek Pak Inc.


Tek Pak, Inc. Opens World-Class Thermoforming Center in St. Charles, IL

Tek Pak, Inc. was founded in 1992 to provide innovative, thermoform packaging solutions for the electronics industry. Over the years we have expanded into the medical and food markets in a big way. Having outgrown our original facility in Batavia, Tek Pak established a second facility in the Fox Valley at 942 Equity Drive in St. Charles in 2008. This site still operates as our R&D facility and specialty-products manufacturing center. An exciting announcement for new prod-ucts to be manufactured at this facility will be coming in 2019. Our original site in Batavia is still going strong, housing our electronics packaging and tooling divisions.

Recent sales growth has required Tek Pak to acquire even more manufacturing space. We have just completed renovations to a second St. Charles location (707 Kautz Road), which will allow us to consolidate all of our thermoforming operations into 1 facility. These improvements have included a clean-room for high-end thermoform processing for the medical and food markets. Our newest high-speed thermoforming machine is now operational in the clean-room. It will be joined by our other high-speed line currently at the Equity Drive location in Q1 of 2019. Three other thermoforming lines from Batavia will also be moved to Kautz Road in Q1 of 2019. Once all of the equipment is in place in early 2019, the Kautz Road facility will be a world-class thermoforming center which will allow Tek Pak to best serve our customers and to compete for even more new business. The facility will have ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO 22000 registrations.


VoyagerNetz helps businesses acquire and retain customers through the power of the

internet. We do this through the MarketingNetz web-services platform.

 Growing your business is our number one goal. 

Too often businesses are so busy “working in” their business that it’s hard to find time to develop new clients. MarketingNetz automates your sales and marketing process. We make it easy for new customers to find you online. Once they visit your website, we make it easy for them to see the value of your products and services. But that’s not enough.

 The key to turning visitors into customers is to arouse an immediate response and answer a call to action. We make it easy for them to call you up or send an email.

 Let technology find your next new customer.

 VoyagerNetz grows your marketing team with three products:

 • MarketingNetz Web Services - consulting, design, hosting and SEO

• MarketingNetz Engagement - client portal and document management PLUS Web Services

 • MarketingNetz Enterprise - API services PLUS Engagement and Web Services with website services that include design, hosting, SEO and marketing consultation.

 Your business website is your digital storefront. Since you only get one chance at a first impression, make it a good one. Make your website the foundation of your business development campaign. We can show you how!

 Give us call today. (331) 222-7748 or pathelmers@voyagernetz.com


 West Valley Graphics

West Valley Graphics & Print has serviced the Fox Valley area since 1982. They are a full-service printer dedicated to high-quality printed products. Included in their digital and conven-tional printing are letterhead, business cards, envelopes, brochures, wedding invitations, an-nouncements, forms and much more. Color and black & white copy services are available for your booklets, manuals, reports, labels, resumes and newsletter, just to name a few. To meet the constantly changing printing market, WVG uses a Xerox Versant 80 Digital Image Press and a high speed black and white copier to complement their offset printing capabilities. The goal of this graphic and print shop is to offer their clients uncompromising quality and fast turnaround times at competitive prices. When you need help in designing, printing and finishing your 

mar-keting projects, don’t hesitate to stop by or call West Valley Graphics.

 Let West Valley Graphics be part of your team!

 West Valley Graphics & Print, Inc

201 S. 3rd Street

St. Charles, Illinois 60174

(630) 377-7575

info@westvalleygraphics.com –www.westvalleygrahpics.com

Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.


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